What is Veterinary Physiotherapy?


Veterinary Physiotherapy is a non-invasive treatment used to boost the body’s natural healing ability, promoting swift and effective recovery from injury and surgery, whilst also easing the effects of painful chronic conditions such as arthritis. By reducing pain and swelling, as well as improving movement, physiotherapy effectively increases the quality of life for many pets. We do this by using a wide range of techniques as part of a bespoke treatment plan that is unique to your pet’s needs.

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Which animals can benefit from Veterinary Physiotherapy?

Any animal can benefit from physiotherapy, great or small, pet or farm! At REC Veterinary Physiotherapy, we understand that your animal is a large part of your family, so we pride ourselves in providing quality care to all animals. 

Please see our Canine, Equine and Ruminant pages for more details of how physiotherapy can help your animal

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REC Veterinary Physiotherapy works under strict referral from your veterinary surgeon. This means that we must have permission from your veterinary surgeon before we can perform any physiotherapeutic treatments.

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