Nelly’s Story – Agility Fitness

Written by Theo’s amazing owner, Niamh.

I got the gorilla at 9 weeks old for sporting prospects.


Why did you decide on physiotherapy for Nelly?

I was planning on doing regular physio but it became a necessary thing when a dip behind the shoulder blades was discovered and we became nervous that it might cut her agility short but we built her core, watched her motor skills in her hind legs and learnt the best ways to avoid potential injuries in her shoulders and joints.

How has physiotherapy helped her sporting career?

Physio has helped her sporting career as we can now safely do it and we can do proper warm up and cool downs to avoid injury but also be able to spot potential strains.

What advice would you give to other owners of sporting pets?

My advice would be warm ups and cool downs are your best friends!! Rest days are important.

The physiotherapist says…

Nelly is only just starting out on her agility career and it has been a pleasure to be apart of her journey from the start. We started on a vigorous 12 week fitness and conditioning plan to kick start her training before moving into a maintenance program. The small dip behind the shoulders could potentially effect the ways her epaxial (back) muscles work and is definitely something to monitor, but she is doing fantastically and is already doing well in competitions.

How does physiotherapy help in sport?

Physiotherapy isn’t just for injuries, prevention is always better than a cure! Your physiotherapist can help you put together a comprehensive fitness and conditioning plan bespoke to your pets individual needs, whilst also helping to keep on top any niggles they may pick up.